Behavior Modification

Behavior modification consultations are private sessions to modify a behavior in your pet. The behavior, typically an undesirable one, can range from something as simple as pulling on the leash or peeing in the house to something more extreme like reactive lunging and barking at a dog or stranger.

We strive to teach your dog solely through fear-free, stress-free, pain-free training techniques. This means a lot of positive reinforcement as well as using enrichments, proper exercise, and looking at your dog's diet to help your dog have a balanced mind and body.

Because each animal and each behavior is so different, we need to acquire as much information as possible. Before the first consultation even begins, we always start with an evaluation (documents below) prior to your visit, so that Zoe can fully understand the dog's issues and personality. This may include follow-up emails or phone calls to ask further questions about your case. During the first consultation (two hours), we will start by siting and discussing the behavior and the animal in question before starting the training. Future sessions will be there to fine tune what you've learned or to address other behaviors.

These sessions are designed so that you, the owner, learn to train and help your animal. Behavior modification requires mental and physical work, so be prepared to be engaged with your dog! Since behavior modification can take hours of work throughout the week, my goal is to give you the tools necessary to teach your dog at home and in the world.

The files below are to be completed by everyone who wishes to sign up for a behavior modification session. Please complete the C-BARQ (unless specified otherwise) and a written evaluation (either French or English, not both).
CBARQ Evaluation (For people who have been with their pet 3 months or more) 108 KB
Written Evaluation (English) (Mandatory) 54.5 KB
Evaluation écrite (française) (Obligatoire) 50 KB

If you would like a consultation, please e-mail the files to If you have more questions, please check our contact page.

Behavior modification example: Leo (brown and white dog) barked and lunged at dogs over a block away. But with practice (we used the BAT training method for him), we were able to first approach Lecia (white husky) to about 10-15 meters at first, and then down to 5 while remaining calm and stress-free.

Behavior modification takes a lot of preparation from the trainer. Therefore, the first training session is a two hour consultation where you will first discuss the behavior and then start training. The following sessions are generally an hour in length.

Puppy: 1st Consultation (2 hours): $160 --- Follow-ups: $60 an hour

Adult animal1st Consultation (2 hours): $200 --- Follow-ups: $80 an hour
Extra charges: Prices increase if you are doing more than one animal at a time. An additional $40 will be charged per extra puppy, and $60 for every extra adult.

4 sessions, 6 hours: 
  • First session: 2 hour consultation
  • Week 2: 1 hour training session
  • Week 3: 1 hour training session
  • Week 4: 2 hour training session with post evaluation
Puppies: $320
Adults: $400 (A $520 value!)

6 sessions, 10 hours

  • First session: 2 hour consultation
  • Week 2: 2 hour training session
  • Week 3: 1 hour training session
  • Week 4: 2 hour training session
  • Week 5: 1 hour training session
  • Week 6: 2 hour training session with post evaluation

Puppies: $550 
Adults: $650 (An $840 value!)