Our Mission: "To help people become the best pet owners that they can be through information, education, compassion, and support."

What does Zen Zoomies mean?
Zen (noun): 1) An approach to an activity, skill, or subject emphasizing the value of simplicity and intuition 2) a calm attitude.
Zoomies (noun): the act of running full speed, usually in a circular motion

Zen Zoomies (noun): a combination of the happy, excited energy that our pets can have while retaining the calm, stress-free attitude we need for learning. By combining both, our goal is to have a more well-rounded, balanced pet.

To learn more about Zen Zoomies' training, see our reviews and testimonials on our Facebook page, or check out our "About Zoe",  "About Julie", "Services", and "FAQ" page.

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