About Julie

In her previous life, Julie was a student of Human Social Sciences and the human psyche. And although animals (from dogs and cats to birds, rodents, horses, and even wildlife) have always been a core part of her life, working to help animals remained a far fetched dream. 

The summer of 2010 delivered an important encounter for Julie.  She met her dog Lecia , who was fearful of humans. This brought on a resurgence of passion in Julie. A huge desire to learn how to help Lecia be ok with the world bloomed within Julie, as well as a need to understand her dog better.  

In 2013 she became  a member of the Montreal SPCA Dog Walkers.  It is there that Julie developed an inclination, an affinity, to get  involved with dogs having behavioural issues- more specifically the fearful dogs and those having experienced trauma. Learning more about positive reinforcement through seminars and workshops allowed her to become a member of the Montreal SPCA Enrichment team.  Attempting to enrich kennel dogs’ stay at the refuge proved to be challenging but helped to further develop Julie’s experience in the dog behavior field.  

This experience was the push and the deciding factor to bring all her knowledge and experience together. That’s why in 2016, Julie decided to put herself all in and pursue a formal education in animal training at the Dogue Shop, to ultimately make her passion into her profession.   

Julie now divides her time between animal training, behaviour modification, and dog walking with her friend and partner, Zoe Van Craen, who founded Zen Zoomies. Julie also has been an active member of the Animal Welfare team of the SPCA Montreal since 2017 and works there as a behaviour evaluator.    

Julie believes that understanding the animal as an emotional being and applying humans’ social learning rules (such as respect of space and the need to develop one’s relationship) as well as becoming familiar with the animal language are key to a respectful and happy relationship between human and animal.

Julie's continued Education

Julie has been continuing her education through seminars and online classes.

In 2016, she took classes on Resource Guarding by Amelie Martel (brushed up on in 2018) as well as Canine Language and Advanced Canine Aggression by Gaby Dufresne Cyr.  She also attended a seminar on Social Learning and a lecture on mirror neurons by the same teacher. 

In February 2018, she was certified in Pet First Aid by Walks 'N' Wags and further advanced her knowledge on reactivity and aggression in dogs by participating in a weekend long workshop "La Reactivite et les Chiens Mordeurs" with Sebastien Larabee. 

She is currently taking online classes on Tawser Dog.