Puzzle Game Rentals

As of January 2018, Zen Zoomies will also be renting out a variety of puzzle games.

Puzzle games are a great way to enrich your pet and improve quality of life. But like many things, variety is key, and these games can get expensive.

That's why we are now offering the possibility to rent out your favorite games, so that your pet never gets bored!

 Choose from 15+ different games to bring home to your dog, cat, ferret, rodent, bird, or even reptile.

Contact us for more information on what games are available, and where to get them.

A security deposit equaling the original price of the game will be required in case of loss, damage, or theft of the game. The deposit will be returned to you upon return of the game in working condition. Loss or destructions of pieces can also result in Zen Zoomies keeping the deposit, or a portion of the deposit, to replace the pieces.